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We prepare Senior citizens to plan their “Silver innings” with the emphasis on enjoying old age, living the life fully and grow old gracefully!

Its focus is to maintain Seniors; “Retired but NOT tired” as long as possible believing in the statement made by James A. Garfield: "If wrinkles must be written upon our brows, let them not be written upon the heart. The spirit should not grow old.”

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How to Enjoy Second Innings

No Comments Admin 24 Jan 2023

Blog by Bhavani Sundaram: Growing Old” doesn’t mean your life is over, as a senior citizen, time is all yours...

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What Family Should know

No Comments Admin 18 Jan 2023

It is absolutely necessary for one to prepare a reference document  giving details of  your financial information like Bank Accounts,...

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General Benefits for Sr. Citizens

No Comments Admin 6 Jan 2023

Central Governments, State Governments, Public Sector Undertakings, Railways are providing various Concessions and benefits for Senior citizens. Read More

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ECHS -Medical Care of ESM

No Comments Admin 29 Dec 2022

Medical care of ESMs in Military Hospitals in Emergency and life threatening conditions. Govt Letter dated 19 Apr 2022 Read...

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ECHS- Consultation in Empanelled hospitals- 75 Years and above

No Comments Admin 5 Nov 2022

Advisory on consultation of ECHS Empanelled hospitals in R/O ECHS beneficiaries age above 75 Years and above . 16 Jun...

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ECHS Referral System for Non Entitled beneficiary

No Comments Admin 5 Nov 2022

Allocation of hospitals for Non Entitles beneficiaries 22 Apr 2022 Read More

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