e-wander band

A simple solution for Senior Citizens, Alzheimer’s/Dementia and other Health risk patients of any age group - Silicone Wristband with customised printed information like Emergency contact number, URL details and QR code with medical/relevant information. myWanderLoop is a Product and Service launched by Sare Jahan Se Acha Foundation (A Section 8 Not for Profit Company) based in Pune. The core team of myWanderLoop has come up with this solution after considerable research. While there are few solutions available in the market, they are not affordable. There are trackers available which come with battery and SIM cards which means there is maintenance involved. Also, an Alzheimer’s/Dementia patient can’t remember to carry such devices when they walk out of their homes. An affordable, maintenance free, lightweight, wearable 24/7 and easily identifiable is the need of the hour! The Guardian registers on the portal https://mywanderloop.com with all the relevant details of the Sr Citizen/Patient like Name, Recent photograph, Address, Blood group, Primary & Alternate Emergency phone number and email id, Hospitalisation/Illness details and Previous wandering off details and Aadhar card details (as prescribed by UIDAI) for offline verification. Once the details are filled up and subscription payment completed on the payment gateway - INR 599+GST for one year, the backend team verifies and approves the application. The Guardian can be anywhere in the world. Payment can be done through credit/debit card on the payment gateway. Once the approval process is completed, the Silicone Wristband is printed with the customised QR code, a unique id number assigned to the Sr Citizen/Patient, URL details for entry on the phone browser and his/her Emergency contact number (as provided by the Guardian on the website) and then dispatched to the Sr Citizen/Patient directly. In case of emergency (mostly outdoors), any passerby can help the Sr Citizen/Patient using anyone of the 3 details available on the Silicone Wristband ie., call the emergency number and inform the family or scan the QR code and get more information like hospital details, emergency medication etc or if the passerby doesn’t have a camera smartphone he/she can type the URL details on the phone internet browser and obtain the information. We send an OTP to verify this passerby's mobile number. The system registers this passerby’s location details and sends an SMS and Email to the Emergency contact number and an Email to the Guardian and Secondary contact number. The Guardian and Sr Citizen/Patient information has to be entered one time only. Every year a reminder will be sent for renewal.