Enjoying Second innings is one of the fundamental goals behind LifeGoesOn. Thise section aims to introduce a range of ideas and provide access to information for having fun and enjoying life to the full. It is particularly relevant as you start to have more time on your hands around retirement. Learn to find the things in life that keep you entertained, happy and make your life interesting and enjoyable. It could be your passion for Golf, a game of cards with friends, listening to your favourite music, your interest in pets or cooking up a lip-smacking dish.

Here are a few suggestions:

  •  Its never too late to take an interest in a hobby. The only requisite is that you should find it interesting.
  •  Go to a bookstore and browse the books on all subjects that you think might interest you. This a  good way to pick up a hobby.
  •  Search for like-minded people, clubs and activities. The internet is a great place to do this.
  •  Don't hesitate to shoot off an e-mail when you find a hobby or entertainment site that interests you.
  •  If you have a lot of knowledge about your favourite hobby, approach schools and colleges to encourage the youngsters to start a club. Offer your services to educate them on this.
  •  Set aside some time to pursue your interests. This will make you look forward in anticipation and keep your spirits alive.
  •  Social service can bring a lot of satisfaction and sense of achievement. See if there is a club near you where you can offer to do some service. Better still, start a club. You might not get a good response initially, but never give up.
  •  Try to find friends on the net whom you can correspond with about your favourite interests. But always be careful. Unless you are sure about the person you are dealing with do not make a commitment or financial transaction

Under this section, there is information on hobbies, sports, holidays, learning, and much more. But this isn't only about the ideas and information already covered here, LifeGoesOn is about sharing ideas, and using our joint experience to provide new ideas and information to one another. If you have an idea, or value to add to the information here, then simply share it in the discussion forum, or email us to tell us what you think. Even if you don't have something to contribute now, take a look to see what ideas and information others have provided.