General Information

This web site LifeGoesON, is about "Silver innings" of Senior Citizens with the emphasis on the life, graceful aging and living life fully! It is based on the belief in the statement made by James A. Garfield: test


"If wrinkles must be written upon our brows, let them not be written upon the heart.

The spirit should not grow old.”

Every effort is being made for making this Website very useful for Sr.Citizens, who are nearing the Sr.Citizenship by providing information on:

  1. How to get prepared for retirement

  2. How to enjoy retired life

  3. How to pursue hobbies you once wanted

  4. How to develop new skills and keep updated

  5. How to remain Healthy - Physically and Mentally

  6. How to manage Lonliness.

  7. Guide for Senior Citizens Mar 2018 - Helpage

Effort is also taken to provide updated information about various concessions available to Sr. Citizens from Government and non  Governmental Organisations. This website will have information useful for Defense Service, Central and State Government retirees. The NRI section will give information useful to them in way of taking care of their kin in India.

We will  be looking forward to hear from you about Lifegoeson Website, its content and navigation. These feedback will help us to improve. It may please be entered on the Your Feedback option provided on the bottom left.