Government & Defence Pensioners

This page is exclusively meant for Central Goverment employees and Retired Defence personnel from Navy, Army, Air Force and  Para military forces. The information regarding various policies relevant to them will be posted. 

Defence - INCS and CSD Canteen  related Information  like

                                      1. Making Canteen Id card / Renewal of Id card

                                      2. Policies regarding Entitlement for varieous categories

                                      3. Canteen locations and timings

Defence - ECHS Information

                                       1. Making ECHS Id cards and renewal

                                       2. Entitlements of Ranks and officers

                                       3. ECHS clinics locations and timings

                                       4. Empanelled Hospitals

                                       5. ECHS Flow chart

Defence - General Information

                                        1. Action to be taken before retirement, Documents to be prepared

                                        2. Spouse / Next of Kin Entitlement 

                                        3. Resettlement opportunities

                                        4. Linking Adhar Card

                                        5. Retirement Homes for defence personnel

               Navy -  Specific Information

                                         1. Naval Pension office details

                                         2. Naval Foundation for retired officers - Offices, Office bearers


Defence - Pension Information

                                         1. Defence Pension rules and Policies -Defence-Pension Handbook 2018Apr

                                         2. 7th Pay commission reports and amendements and updates

                                         3. OROP Policies and updates on regular basis

                                         4. Arrers payment

                                         5. Income tax rules

General - Governments service

                                         1.  Pension rules for civilian retirees

                                         2. DA rules and policies

                                         3. Charity foundations

                                         4. Income tax rules


Defence News:      Click here  For defence Magazine

More Defence related Information:  http://www.soldier2ndlife.com/info-for-retirees


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