How to select your Hobby Wisely?

Picking Out Your New Hobby:

  1. So let’s explore what sort of hobbies may be right for you. Think about your interests, as well as physical limitations. Let’s take a closer look to figure out what kind of hobbies would suit you best. Ask yourself:
  2. Would you like a group activity or solo activity? Solo activities can include things like photography, bird watching, painting, or candle making. Group activities could include card games, traveling, RVing, or swing dancing.

Ten Hobbies for Retirees:


Even if some of these don’t appeal at first glance, try them all out once you are actually retired. Retirement can actually help turn tasks that were once tedious into fun-filled, relaxing activities.


  1. Travel:         There is no better time to travel extensively than in early retirement. With no work commitments, and children all grown up, the first years of  retirement offer a golden opportunity to travel the world. Whether you caravan close to home for relaxation, or if you visit faraway  destinations    you never took the time to see earlier in life, travel can be an eye-opening experience..
  1. Volunteering:  Doing volunteer work, whether once a week at the local library, or every day at a children’s center, can enrich your life, while making a drastic difference in the lives of others in your community. Many people cite the first reason to not volunteer as lack of free time, making retirement a great time of life to do volunteer work. Look for opportunities to make a difference at local establishments, as well as schools, hospitals, and nonprofit organizations.
  1. Arts & Crafts:     Perhaps you’ve quilted all your life, or you haven’t picked up a paintbrush since grade school art class, but retirement is the time to try new things! Try new artistic and creative endeavors, or perfect ones that you’ve enjoyed all of your life with the extra time you have available in retirement. Some ideas for arts and crafts activities to try include:
  •    Paint      Cross-stitch, embroider, or knit
  •   Make pottery    Learn woodworking
  •   Make stained glass projects  Music/Theatre/Dance

     4. Performing: Whether you join the audience, the players onstage, or the theatre staff in taking tickets and running lights, getting involved in the

          performing arts can be a lo t of fun.


  1. Clubs/Associations:   Several clubs and associations can provide social interaction and fun activities for seniors.
  1. Exercise: Exercise can take on any form! Retirement is the perfect time to get in shape, or to make sure that you stay in shape if you are already in good condition.


  1. Cooking: Baking and cooking can be lots of fun if you take the time to enjoy them. Read cooking books or magazines, or watch cooking shows on the television for inspiration, and then try out some recipes that really appeal to you.


  1. The Great Outdoors: Did you always have an interest in birds or flowers, but never have the time to really learn about them? Retirees can take up many hobbies in retirement, among them a newfound appreciation for outdoor activities.


  1. Teach: Whatever you did before retirement, you can teach it to the younger generation. Or, teach one of your hobbies, such as knitting or baking.


  1. Reconnect with Family: Life is busy, but retirement offers a reprieve from the rat race. Invite your family over more often than you used to, or offer to babysit your grandchildren each weekend so that your kids can have some time to themselves. Make Family tree for your family.