Blog by Bhavani Sundaram

Growing Old  doesn’t mean your life is over, as a senior citizen, time is all yours now so see it as an opportunity to do all you wanted to do in life.
As Gerorge Bernard Shaw said, “ You don’t stop laughing, when you grow old, you grow old when you stop laughing”
Given a choice no one wants to grow old, as someone told me the other day, “Its just a number”. Personally I hate the term “Senior Citizen and Old” cause for me age is always an issue of mind over matter, “If you don’t mind, it doesn’t matter”
Since aging is something we all have to face one day it is better to face it gracefully than fight it. Always live like “King Size” and do all the things we never had the time during our working and family years….it could be cooking, drawing, reading, singing , music dance etc… like how I persuaded my husband to start singing, even if at times I have to hear him sing loudly at home without a care in the world at least I know he is loving it.
So, when and where do I begin is the question, maybe from the day your kids became adults or maybe when you became grandparents, its then that the mind begins to think “ Hey, I am over the hill now” and you start feeling it too.
This is the time when you are free and no longer burdened with responsibilities and demanding career. A lost feeling sometimes takes over you when you take a walk in the park and look at people your age and ask yourself, “Are they looking older than me or am I getting Old?”
The time has come to make new beginnings in your second inning of life. Make a wish list of all the things you always wanted to do before you leave this world, it could even be like bungee jumping, scuba diving, climbing Mount Everest. Start off with new hobbies, join workshops and groups like reading club, dramatic club etc. Do things that make you happy and keeps you busy, you may not be able to do everything the way you used to do but the more you engage yourself in new things and activities your live will come more meaningful.
So start by fighting fatigue and laziness and that long afternoon naps which is so common when we feel nothing is awaiting us. Play word games, start enjoying your own company, do anything and everything that keeps your brain working and active.
Aging never stops us from learning, “there is a lot of valuable gold from experience that comes with the silver in the hair” Break all boring routines and make life interesting and enjoyable. As we begin to move on in life, we begin to appreciate differing things which we may have ignored before or taken for granted.
Always believe that there is a wonderful future and loads to learn and experience daily beyond the certainty of growing old and ending our days on earth, and it is up to us how to use the time and manage these years in our second inning with grace, poise, dignity and fulfillment.
In the end , I recall the lyrics of this song, and everytime I hear it I feel a beat in my heart, “ Ladakpan khel main khoya, Jawani neend bhar soya, Budhaapa dekh kar roya, wahi kisa puraana hai,