Retirement used to signal the end of a productive life for workers. But now a days, retirement is seen as a transition point for beginning a new phase of one's life. For those approaching retirement, it is now a time to develop a strategy to work fewer hours, try a new career or business, learn new skills and further your education, give back through volunteering, and enjoy life.

The retirees now have multiple options -- such as continuing to work (though perhaps at a different pace), returning to school for additional training or education, changing careers, venturing into entrepreneurship, becoming more involved in volunteer work, or simply enjoying leisure and travel possibilities -- a mix of working, learning, relaxing, and trying new things.

If you want to continue working -- but in a new career field -- consider taking the time for self-assessment and career exploration. If you are unsure of your next career field, examine your likes and dislikes, strengths and weaknesses, and consider talking with a career professional.

 In this section the details of various courses that can be of use to retiring and retired will be given. This list below is only a sample list.

 Computer Course : Contact     7506641945

Social Work Certificate for Senior Citizens : Click here   [Mumbai University]

Hobby Classes:            Click Here