Travel companion

Objective of this section is to help

  1. Parents of NRIs to network and to be of help to one another during travel overseas
  2. Parents of NRIs to network during their stay at the homes of their children and relatives.
  3. NRIs can send gifts / flowers on special occasions to their relatives in Mumbai- India through registered service providers to ensure assured delivery.
  4. NRIs can find information about special treatment facilities, care homes and old age homes for their near and dear ones in Mumbai.
  5. Propperty Maangement for those who are owning propertuies in India and do not have siable persons to manage it.

16 Jan 2018      There is a requirement for a Lady (age 65) to travel from Hydrabad to US to meet her children. She would like to have a companion for travel. The date of travel is end Jan to Mid Feb, the dates are flexible. Pl give your email  / contact no to haridas53@gmail.com  so that she can contact you. 

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